Radical Incarnation - Free public lecture

Anna Haight • June 17, 2022


Ecological Discipleship for Radical Times


St. Columba’s Episcopal Church and the Council for Ecological Discipleship present a public lecture by the Right Rev. Marc Andrus, bishop of the Diocese of California, 


at the outdoor amphitheater of St. Columba’s Inverness


 Friday, June 24th at 5:00pm


Free and open to the public


The Great Turning: Finding Ourselves in Creation Care


“The world-building that has resulted in our current life, where the planet is imperiled by human-caused climate change and environmental degradation has spanned centuries. We are up against so much inertia, how possible is it for us to change in time to avoid catastrophe? There is cause for substantial hope, and in this talk we will explore what is called the Great Turning, the move towards a sustainable future.”


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Questions may be directed to annahaight@stcolumbasinverness.org


image credit Malcom Ryder